The Rules

The first rule of Library Lockdown is:
you don’t talk about Library Lockdown.
Well – you can totally tell people how cool it is, but don’t give away any of our secrets.

Playing field
The playing field is marked by red tape in the room. All the stuff above the red tape is just mess left behind from the initial zombie attack – don’t worry about it.

Mind over matter
Don’t break stuff. You can probably pry open our boxes or break the robot labyrinth… but where is the fun in that? Remember: there is always a way to solve it with the incredible power of your mind. So flex those thinking-muscles and get to it!

No, you can’t google your way out of this one. Use the pen and paper on the desks and the pure power of your minds.

Game over
If you open the safe and get the antidote, you are done. You have saved Nebraska City and the world! Look at the timer on the big screen and see much time you have left. Bring the antidote upstairs to the librarians and declare yourself a winner!
You only need to unlock 8. You will be bronze-winner. If you unlock 9, you will be silver winners. If you – against all odds – unlock all 10 clueboxes you will be gold-winners!
But if the timer runs out before that, you will have been turned into a zombie yourself!!!