Welcome to the Lab of Dr. Morton McBrains

An Escape Room conceived and built by the clever kids of Nebraska City as part of the Library Lockdown project

We welcome groups of 4-6 players once a day. Call ahead at 402-873-5609 to schedule a time with us and let us know what your team is called. It is completely free of charge. Players of all ages are welcome, but try to have at least as many adults as kids in the mix (grown- ups can be a bit slow, so they will need all the help they can get).

Survivors gain eternal glory and a spot on the wall of honor (good job!). But if you don’t make it out… well… then your team goes straight to the wall of shame.

All this fun can be had at the glorious Morton-James Public Library, 923 1st Cors0 in Nebraska City.
We are open 9-6 Monday-Thursday + 9-5 Friday & Saturday.
Check our website and like us on Facebook.

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